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Debbie Austin

Debbie is hands on company director, regularly evaluating properties and accompanying prospective buyers and tenants. Being hands on keeps her in touch with the local market which is vital for evaluating property and ensuring property is marketed at the very best saleable price, all this and the daily demands of running the business keep her very sharp. Her experience in Coventry Property is very significant, I'm not allowed to tell you exactly how many years that is but I can tell you there's a 0 and a 3 in the two figure number which is more than ten.

Melissa Austin

Melissa heads up lettings with her finger firmly on the pulse, nothing happens that she doesn't know about. Over her thirteen years in the business she has shaped lettings into a highly efficient enterprise and takes full advantage of our cutting edge technology. With a wealth of knowledge way beyond her years she manages, supports and advises landlords and tenants whilst building lasting relationships along the way.

Megan Sutton

If the others are bricks then Meg is the mortar holding them steadfast, heading up admin she makes sure the rest of the team have everything they need to deliver fantastic efficient, customer service. Dotting the 'I's and crossing the 'T's come naturally to her! On top of that she has a very sunny disposition and is always happy to help.

Kyllie Austin

Kyllie has eyes for perfection, nothing gets passed her eyesight when carrying out inspections. Kyllie is in charge of making sure all our tenants are looking after their homes and leaving them in the condition of when they were let. She also has the gift of the gab and is great at showing off our rental stock to possible applicants.